7 Best Spy Camera In India

7 Best Spy Camera that will protect your house, office, and property. These cameras are tiny, but each one of them are quite functional.

If you are looking for the best spy cameras but not sure which one you have to buy. Then you are on the right website because here, you will get detailed information about every Spy camera.

However, these security cameras are coming up with many features and options. But remember one thing only purchase Wi-Fi cameras that can easily sync the latest videos and images into your smartphone or laptop.

However, there are a wide range of pocket hole cameras, nanny cams, and spy cameras, which is formulated to resemble a phone. But you will confuse that which one is perfect for you after seeing the whole list of the spy cameras.

Hence, I have mentioned 7 Best Spy Camera that you can easily buy online from any E-commerce website. However, these cameras are very much advanced, and they will blow your mind with their features.

7 Best Spy Camera In India

1. IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera

IFITech is one of the best-hidden cameras and comes up with an impressive appearance. It is coming up with all the required accompaniments such as USB charger, 64GB SD card, etc.

But the multiple modes for the recording of this camera is making it very much famous. However, the IFITech is coming up with smart motion detection, full HD 1920x1080P video, perfect wide-angle view, and loop record. 

Hence, you can easily buy IFITech from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • It is supporting 64GB SD Card to record HD video and audio.
  • Come up with developed functionality.
  • Support USB charger to charge other devices, including your smartphone.
  • Support 2 Mode Recording


  • Doesn’t sync data to your smartphone

2. Mi MJSXJ02CM Home Security Camera

Mi MJSXJ02CM is a spy camera that will provide you protection in high definition video. However, this spy cam is one of the most popular security cameras of MI.

MI is one of the most popular brands in India that is popular because of its mobile phone. However, this security camera has a dual motor that allows the camera to rotate and capture a full view easily.

Hence, Mi MJSXJ02CM comes up with the Talkback feature, which helps you talk to your family from this camera. However, you can easily buy Mi MJSXJ02CM from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Comes up with all advanced functionality
  • Support 64GB SD card
  • The camera has 360° with perfect picture quality.
  • The camera has 20 megapixels.
  • Support 1080p HD recording
  • The camera is a small and lightweight and compact design.
  • Support low light, accurate color technology


  • The camera Is Not waterproof.
  • Doesn’t provide notifications for motion detections

3. D3D Wireless Indoor Home Security Camera

This CCTV camera is designed especially for home security that is coming up with advanced functionality which you need. However, D3D uploads all the videos and images to its cloud server.

Hence, you can easily control D3D with your smartphone, and it comes in White Color. However,  with the help of your smartphone, you can easily rotate the camera vertically and horizontally from any location.

This spy cam is also coming up with HD night vision and built-in IR lens. Hence, you can easily buy D3D from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Support 128 GB micro SD card for storage
  • Easy to set up
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Control the camera with your smartphone
  • Record HD audio and video in dim lights


  • This camera has a heating issue.

4. ProElite WL01 Wifi Enabled Clock With Hidden Camera

This camera is looking futuristic and sleek, but its functionality is incredible. But you need a router or Wi-Fi dongle to allow this hidden camera work.

Once, if ProElite WL01 is connected to your Wi-Fi router, then you can easily watch live content directly through your smartphone. It is also coming up with two IR LEDs, and you can also record audio upto 10 meters distance.

However, the ProElite WL01 is coming up with enhanced night vision. Hence, you can easily buy ProElite WL01 from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Come up with detailed instructions.
  • Enhanced night vision for clear footage even under low light
  • Records audio and video into micro SD card


  • Can’t use this device from your smartphone with mobile hotspot

5. Jenix JXMC22 Wall Hidden Camera

Jenix JXMC22 is a perfect security system for recording in any circumstances. Because this camera has a 1080P HD video resolution that allows you to record clear footage.

However, Jenix JXMC22 is a 12 megapixel HD camera with 32GB of micro SD card. It also supports motion recording and continues recording option. You can easily buy Jenix JXMC22 from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Support advanced functionality
  • Easy to Set up and operate
  • Come up with elegant black colored.
  • Fixed in any power-point, and it looks like a mobile charger.
  • The camera is multifunctional.


  • Doesn’t captured big area
  • The motion sensor doesn’t work appropriately.

6. Q7 Home Security Camera

Q7 is one of the smallest Wi-Fi enabled cameras all around the globe. Because this spy camera is coming up with all advanced functionality.

Q7 is tiny in size and very lightweight but supports 5 IR night vision. It also has a micro TF card to record the audios and videos. You can easily buy Q7 from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Enhanced night vision
  • Small and lightweight
  • Supports Micro TF card
  • Syncs with your smartphone
  • Real-time view of videos and images
  • Record clear images and videos


  • The overall design could be better.

7. SYL Mini WiFi Spy Camera

SYL Mini is a useful camera that will help you with its advanced features. Because this camera has proved to be an essential device for all houses.

However, the look of this spy camera is modern and compact. You can easily buy SYL Mini from an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal, etc.


  • Supports 64GB of micro SD card for storage
  • Comes with real-time monitoring videos and images
  • Quickly hooked on the wall.
  • Videos can be replayed through the memory card.


  • Doesn’t work without a WI-Fi connection

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