CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Installation is not too tricky; only you have to follow some steps mentioned below. The installation of a security camera is very much expensive affair. 

When you select the best surveillance equipment, then the issue of CCTV Camera Installation will keep popping up. To drill holes and run the cables outside and inside the home will freak you out.

If you are selecting a wired security system, then buy a camera that consists of PoE wire. A PoE network cable offers you transmission of both power and video. 

Below the paragraph, 7 simple steps have mentioned for CCTV Camera Installation. These steps are instructed by the experts to install wired and wireless security cameras in your house.

This article includes detailed information regarding the installation of a security camera. It also includes wiring inside and outside the house, even consists of a process to run security camera wires. 

CCTV Camera Installation

1. Make A Plan Before Installing CCTV Camera

A very much important aspect of installing a CCTV camera is to select a proper area for DVR and camera. This step will help you to minimize the cable length and maximize camera coverage. 

While installing an indoor camera, keep one thing in your mind that select a corner in the room from where the whole room is visible. Always place the power socket nearby. 

While installing an outdoor camera, keep one thing in your mind that selects a higher place that covers the door, and windows, etc. Select the area which will be above 10ft so that it can’t be knocked down easily.

2. Decide Where to Install Indoor and Outdoor CCTV Cameras

This step will help you to determine how to maximize the effectiveness of your camera. Many of the security experts are suggesting that the back door, front door, and off-street window are the best locations. 

3. Prepare CCTV Installation Tools For Easy Installation

Tools and materials of installing a security system include cables, screws, a power adapter, anchors, and an electric drill. 

If you purchase all-in-one CCTV camera, then all necessary tools for installation include in the camera box such as screws, and adapter, etc.

4. Mounting The CCTV Camera

First of all, drill holes to screw the security camera on the ceiling, wall, and another place that you have arranged to mount your camera. Then point your security system at the right angle and the proper position. 

Make sure that your security system will provide proper motion detection. CCTV cameras are coming up with all-included package such as mounting brackets, and screws. 

You have to make every mounting hole template for making the installation of the camera easier. Many of the security cameras come up with installation videos that will provide you step-by-step instructions regarding mounting. 

If you install a PTZ IP camera, then you have to perform an upward bracket installation. Then the last step of the mounting process is to insert the power cable in a socket.

5. Arrange Wires For CCTV Camera Installation

This step is very much important because the most challenging part of the installation is to run cables and wires. Before starting this process, you have to make a plan of wire route, especially when you are planning to install cameras in many places.

Places like a basement, in-ceiling soffit, in hallways, through the attic, garage, and under the eave. Then drill holes from where cables go through, and don’t forget to consider the nearest route. 

Push all the ends of the wire on the holes that you have drilled. By applying this process, you can easily hide the cables and also restrict them from wearing out. 

You can also select a room in which you can easily place all the wires and cables. Each cable wires have two wires with their different connectors. 

And one wire from them will be intended for perfect power supply, and another one is designed for the video recorder. You have to make a separate power root for every cable or else plug every wire on the different sockets for power supply.  

If wires and cable are connected to the NVR or DVR recorder to view the recording, then it will be connected to the monitor. And this is a primary source from where you can easily see all the images captured by the cameras.

6. Connect Cameras and Power Them On

When the wiring process ends, then you have to connect the security system. Then check out wheather it is getting power supply successfully or not. 

Keep one thing in your mind that not to forget to check wheather monitor and recorder are getting perfect power supply. Then you have to make their sockets or else connect them at the same power sources. 

Additionally, you have to think twice about any unexpected power blackout. Because many a time intruders will try to cut out the power supply of your house.

Make sure that your CCTV camera is connected with a generator. However, it is the process of how the security system works consistently. 

7. Set Up Your CCTV Camera

Setup of CCTV camera is the last step to complete the process of a self Installed security camera. You have to access your security system with the help of your mobile phone, tablet, and computers. 

Many of the manufacturers of self-install home security cameras are providing desktop software and app. With the help of these applications, you can easily access your camera from any location. 

You can also get some extra surveillance features on the app that include video recording, live view, zoom in/out, and motion detection, etc. If any unexpected thing happens, such as a break-in or anything, then you will get an email and push notifications. 

The last thing, before you think that your installation work has done, recheck the views of every camera. Check out wheather the cameras are recording, moving, or how far the camera can cover.

How Do I install cctv camera?

Follow some easy steps to install a cctv camera:
Make A Plan Before Installing CCTV Camera
Decide Where to Install Indoor and Outdoor CCTV Cameras
Prepare CCTV Installation Tools For Easy Installation
Mount The CCTV Camera
Arrange Wires For CCTV Camera Installation
Connect Cameras and Power Them On
Set Up Your CCTV Camera

What is the cost of cctv camera installation in India?

The cost of cctv camera installation in India is depend on the camera which you want to install. Which type of camera you want to install and where you have to install. Mostly the installation cost is range between 500 to 1000 without service and repair. And with service and repair installation cost range between 500 to 2000.

How can I see cctv on mobile?

You have to follow some steps to see CCTV in your mobile that include the following:
connect the DVR to monitor through HDMI or VGA cable.
Configure the CCTV setting.
Configure WiFi router for DVR and open your computer.
Connect the DVR to WiFi through LAN cable.
Check out the settings.
Now, CCTV connects to your smartphone.

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